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Conference Boosts Confidence for Oxbridge Applicants

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Conference Boosts Confidence for Oxbridge Applicants

Every March for the past 12 years, Notre Dame has hosted a half-day conference attended by Oxbridge tutors and undergraduates. 2021 was no exception, although the programme of presentations took place virtually instead of on the College site.

On Friday 5 March from 2pm, 142 students from our Enhancing Excellence programme attended these presentations, with the invitation also extended to an additional 19 students considering an application to Oxford or Cambridge. This year, as always, the focus of the conference was applications to competitive universities, but our visitors from Oxford and Cambridge also spoke about the realities of academic and social life for students. Grace Garvey, a Liaison Officer from Selwyn College, generously put together an interactive series of events, including an introduction to Oxbridge, advice about preparing to apply, and a discussion of super-curricular activities. Ms. Garvey was ably assisted by undergraduates Khadija and Sam, who gave a student’s eye view.  Time was also allowed for a question and answer session.

Although the presentations were primarily targeted at students curious about Oxbridge, the advice given was invaluable for all students thinking of applying to any competitive university. 

Ms. Kitty Graham, Enhancing Excellence Consultant, said, “Many hours of work had clearly gone into this presentation, with the sole aim of helping some of our most disadvantaged and honest students to recognise their potential and claim as much entitlement to what Oxbridge has to offer as any public school educated pupil. Grace, Khadija and Sam opened eyes, illumined paths, and gave our students the confidence to believe that this opportunity can be for them.”

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