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Chief Editors' Message - Gianluca Gallucci, Hannah Kerr & Jasmine Chetham.

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Chief Editors' Message - Gianluca Gallucci, Hannah Kerr & Jasmine Chetham.

Being the Chief Editors for this term’s publication of the student paper has been an honour. We have worked as a team to diversify the content, inviting students to contribute poems and creative writing in addition to political articles and interviews. In taking this new pathway we hope to build on the previous success of our award-winning college newspaper by reflecting the diverse content seen in leading Sunday broadsheet newspapers.

With this idea in mind, we called on previous chief editors (and editors yet to come) to channel more energy into creative, innovative content. And what a start we have made. We have delivered workshops on how to secure interviews with inspiring public figures, how to use more diverse journalistic sources to research content for political pieces, and how to structure an effective piece of creative writing.

During our launch event at the start of the year we welcomed the budding minds of our new lower sixth students and have been delighted to see the highest number of contributions so far for a termly publication. In past publications we have seen a substantial number of political articles, heavy topics and weighty discussions. Now, alongside our current affairs articles we have diversified the content of the newspaper in order to allow our readership to realise the potential of our writers and creatives here at Notre Dame and we are seeing more short stories, poems, advice pieces, reviews and interviews. Some notable articles to look forward to in this term’s paper include an engaging interview with “garage pop princess of Toronto,” Luna Li, conducted by our resident music journalist, Lucas Assagba and an interview by one of the new head of the student Eco Team, Jasmine Chetham, with the college Principal, Justine Barlow, about sustainability. In this edition there is also a range of different articles exploring the consumption, romanticisation and ethics surrounding true crime and villains, and some sharp insights into topics linked to our ever-changing political landscape.

We have worked as a team to bring our unique vision to the student newspaper, offering a wider range of articles for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to find out more about how to write for the newspaper, please email Ms Owen at: or come along to our meetings on Tuesday lunchtimes in room 11.

Gianluca Gallucci, Hannah Kerr & Jasmine Chetham


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