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Advice: The Best Way to Tackle Revision

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Advice: The Best Way to Tackle Revision

I hope you found my advice about how to organize class notes in last term’s newspaper helpful. For me, revision is best split up into small chunks: a topic a night, a case study per day, or maybe reading over a section that has been troubling you most before your lesson so you can ask questions about it.

Although it’s still practiced widely, revising the night before doesn't work! ‘Cramming’ is never a good idea, as it’s very stressful and doesn't allow for you to properly absorb all the information you need to know. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to thoroughly revise a topic, section, or a whole subject, instead of just one night’s effort.

To properly allocate time for revision, you should make a timetable. There are hundreds of apps you can all use to create an easy and accessible timetable for revision. My favourite is Adaptit allows you to input your subject information including the exam board’s guidelines for each topic and it covers everything that will be in your exam.


  • Download the Adapt app.
  • Add in each of your subjects and their corresponding exam boards.
  • Set deadlines for your subjects.
  • Choose when and how much you want to revise.
  • Start revising!

Adapt really takes the pressure off figuring out when to revise and how much you need to do in order to be prepared for your exam. It also reduces the struggle of separating each subject into topics to work out what will be covered in each exam, which is a huge help.

When it comes to revision activities, there are many ways you can choose to study. My personal preference is splitting my subjects into topics and creating a set of flash cards each night for a topic. I usually have a bit of paper next to me so I can write down anything I'm stuck on. I can then ask my teachers about it the next time I see them. Other popular methods include mind maps, quizzes with friends and the old-school method of working through past exam papers.

Although there are many different ways to revise, it’s all about finding what best works for you and the most important thing is to leave enough time to complete all your revision and to take a ‘little and often’ approach until you get much closer to the exams. Even though revision can be a lot of effort, it is definitely worth it in the end!

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