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Work Experience

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All students at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College have the opportunity to participate in work experience. The majority of work experience placements last for one week and take place at one of three key points in the year; December, March or July. In 2017-18, over 300 students completed work experience placements. Students also have the opportunity to complete extended placements if they have no timetabled lessons one afternoon a week.

Work experience is compulsory for all  level 2 students. For level 3 students studying a majority of vocational subjects (i.e. double BTEC/CTEC) work experience will also be a compulsory part of the students’ study programme. In addition to the enhancement week placements, Notre Dame promotes internships with law firms for those students on the Career Academy in Law  programme.

Students complete work experience in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Finance – banking and accountancy
  • Health – hospitals, pharmacy, care homes
  • Legal – law firms and magistrates court
  • Government – local MP
  • Media – Nickelodeon, ITV
  • Education – nurseries, primary and secondary schools, universities
  • Retail – charity shops, Marks and Spencer’s, Leeds Trinity
  • Engineering – manufacturing

All of these placements are checked by the Careers department and risk assessed to ensure they provide a safe, healthy and supportive environment for learners. Students cannot organise their own placements in term time without approval from the careers department.

Work experience at Notre Dame is actively encouraged as it assists students with future career and study choices. Evidence of work experience enhances university applications and job applications. The feedback received from local employers has been excellent and we are very proud of the links we continue to develop with new employers.

Please note that for some university courses work experience is compulsory. Please research different university entry requirements and complete the work experience whilst in L6. For example, teacher training courses often require three weeks of recent work experience and NHS courses are extremely competitive.

To find out more about work experience placements please visit the Careers department on the ground floor of Cuvilly building and speak to our designated work experience coordinator Heather Taylor.