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Accessibility guide: I cannot see very well

Adjust font size:

Adjust colours:

This guide explains ways to change how your web browser operates, to make things easier for people who have difficulty seeing.


In all modern browsers you can quickly zoom in and out of a webpage. This is useful if you have a visual impairment or the design of a webpage causes text to be very small. The shortcuts for zooming are:

Windows PC:

Ctrl + = zoom in
Ctrl – = zoom out
Ctrl 0 = zoom to default 100% view

Apple Mac

Mac Key + = zoom in
Mac Key – = zoom out
Mac Key 0 = zoom to default 100% view

Colours and Fonts

Most browsers enable you to use standard colours and text fonts. Below are steps to do this in the major browsers on a Windows PC:

  • Internet Explorer: Press Alt-T and select ‘Internet Options’, then ‘Accessibility’. Choose your preferred option.
  • Firefox: Press Alt-T and select ‘Options’, then ‘Content’. In the ‘Fonts & Colours’ section, choose your preferred option.
  • Safari: Press Alt-E and select ‘Preferences’, then ‘Appearance’. Choose your preferred option.
  • Chrome: We recommend you install the Chrome-Vis extension from here.

NB: On an Apple Mac, use the Mac Key instead of the Alt key