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Accessibility guide: I am blind

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This guide explains ways to change how your computer or web browser operates, to make things easier for people who are blind.

We recommend you change your computer’s settings so that text displayed on screen is read out to you aloud. Here is a brief guide how to do this:

Windows 7

  • Press the Windows key + U
  • When the ‘Ease of Access Center’ has opened, choose ‘Use the computer without a display’
  • Select ‘Turn on Narrator’ and OK your choices

Apple Mac (from OSX 10.4)

  • Open Finder and press the Apple icon in your menu bar at the top
  • Open ‘System Preferences’
  • In the ‘System’ group, click on ‘Universal Access’
  • Turn on VoiceOver by clicking the relevant ‘On’ button
  • You can customise VoiceOver further by clicking the ‘Open VoiceOver Utility’ button