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Youth 2000 weekend retreat held at Notre Dame

150 young people from across the country visited Notre Dame on the 13th of February to spend a weekend of reflection, liturgy and prayer with likeminded individuals. The event was organised by Youth 2000, an organisation who provide opportunities for young people aged between 16 and 35 to come together to experience the love of God.
The college has hosted the annual gathering in the first week of February half term for the last few years and this year, in addition to the young people, over 30 priests, monks and nuns were also in attendance. The main hall became spiritually charged, especially with the addition of the “burning bush” (pictured) in the centre.
Notre Dame chaplain Andrew Sullivan said, “Notre Dame offered young people for that weekend a chance to be the youth of the Church, to be a living symbol of hope and rejoice in the many treasures handed to us by Christ and his Church. It was a truly wonderful occasion.”

Youth 2000 burning bush