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Work Experience for Languages Students

Joely Hopwood is pictured working at a Spanish music shop

Emily Gilpin is pictured working at a Spanish music shop

Seven modern languages students visited either Alicante in Spain or Lille in France to complete a work placement and stay in a Spanish or French host family, over February half term. The placements were extremely varied, including a brasserie, a cat and dog groomers and a music shop.

Fran Aylward completed her experience in a brasserie in Lille, staying with a host family just outside the city. “I was constantly using French,” she explained. “I used French in supermarkets, on buses and I had to use it to greet customers in the brasserie too. It was an amazing opportunity to basically live like a French person!”

Beth Rees visited Alicante and worked in a cafeteria for the week. “My three employers were all lovely, welcoming people, who made my trip a very enjoyable one. Although none of them could speak any English and the first two days were a little daunting, it was a great opportunity to develop my skills at speaking Spanish and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!”

Well done to all seven brave students and for the modern languages department for organising the visit.