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Them Dry Bones

At the end of last month Dr Beaumont took some of her Classics students to Bradford University for a ‘People in the Past’ workshop.

The University of Bradford has an international reputation for teaching and research into human skeletal remains, and this Human Osteology (bone) workshop gave our students the opportunity to gain hands on experience in their Archaeology laboratories examining real skeletons from the medieval period.

The workshop focused on the analysis of human bones, showing how we can construct the human profiles of people who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

Staff in the department showed students how to determine such things as whether the skeleton was male or female and how tall the person was in life by examining the femur and tibia bones. They also got to observe the effects of injuries and illnesses on the human body.

Student Sophie Calder –Jones said ‘The trip was very useful for my Classics work. It was a unique opportunity handling real human bones and I learnt a lot.’