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Theatre Studies Students’ Organise Successful Production

Two of Notre Dame’s Theatre Studies students, Jack Tosney and Evie Appleson, made their directorial debut last week, when their production of Hans Christian Anderson’s “Mermaid” was performed to a sell-out audience.

The script is a creative adaptation of the famous story, adapted by Polly Teale. It is narrated from the perspective of ‘Blue’, a self-conscious 14 year old girl, riddled with insecurity, who finds refuge in the story of The Little Mermaid. Meanwhile, in the ocean, the Little Mermaid is desperate to grow up and broaden her horizons. In a rebellious move, the mermaid resorts to donating her voice to a sea witch in order to gain access to land so she can fall in love with a prince.

“Mermaid” was produced solely by Notre Dame students and is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Along with the directors, the back-stage crew worked tirelessly to make the production a success. The leading roles were acted superbly; Laura Banks took on the role of Blue and Lucy Herbert became The Little Mermaid.

Well done Jack, Evie and all of the other students who took part. Thanks are also due to Graham Hamlyn, Paul Graham and Kieran Bowes, Notre Dame’s Theatre Studies staff, who supported the team.


Pictured are the cast and crew

Pictured are the cast and crew