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Thank You for The Music

Just before half term the senate kicked off their reign with a feel good music event in the main hall. Our roving reporter Steven Caswell was on the scene.

The Student Senate’s first organised event put a very strong foot first as Earl stunned the growing crowd with a beautifully sung performance that covered the final arrivals of the large audience. When Student President Levi announced that “he wrote that himself”, the audience exploded into a thunderous applause.

Next, we were treated to an intricate musical piece on the guitar played by Flora. Again, this was greatly appreciated by the eager audience, who really ate up the performance.

On the subject of eating, Levi took the time between acts two and three to promote the Breast Cake Raffle to raise money for breast cancer awareness. First prize was a cake in the shape of a pair of breast – because the Notre Dame Senate has all the best ideas…

The third act was welcomed very warmly. It mixed an incredible balance of singing and piano playing to create a piece of music that enchanted the audience and causing them to applaud almost constantly throughout the song.

“Georgia’s Band are not here because they’re too cool for us” said Levi before the next act. A quick re-arrange saw Martina taking the stage for fourth performance. The audience gave her absolute silence and occasional ‘Whoops of joy. The performance was undermined somewhat by Georgia’s Band sneaking in late during the performance. “They’re rock stars; they have to act like that” concluded Levi. As Martina’s performance drew to a close, the audience began to applaud prematurely. Martina took it in her stride, however, and continued towards her triumphant ending and the tremendous final applause that accompanied it. “I don’t know about you, but I felt that” said Levi, before announcing the next act.

Georgia’s Band took over next with a reprisal of their cover of ‘Valery’ which you may remember them playing in assembly a few weeks ago. People in the audience joined in by clapping in time – well, almost in time…

Between Georgia’s Band and the final act, there was a brief break for technical fixes. The Senate managed to give a smooth transition despite the break, partly due to Levi entertaining the audience by asking “anyone know any jokes?” Sadly not.

When it came to the final performance, the audience were very enthusiastic. They screamed throughout and began to sway in time with the music, deservedly so – it was a very good performance. In fact, the Senate and all the acts put in a tremendous amount of effort to give a really entertaining lunch-time concert. We all hope that this enthusiasm is kept up as the year progresses and at this rate; the sky really is the only limit. We can expect more high quality events as the year continues, as the President put it best after the final performance: “We like to end on a high note.”