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Talented Notre Dame Student Receives Gymnastics Award

Upper Sixth Notre Dame student Sophie Richardson deserves special recognition this week, for being awarded a place on the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS). TASS is a Government funded programme which aims to provide the opportunity for young athletes to balance academic life with training and competition as a talented athlete without having to make the hard decision between the two.

Each year, athletes who are recognised as being at the top of their respective sports are nominated by their national governing body. Sophie is a talented gymnastic tumbler and her achievements in the sport have been recognised by the governing body and by the award of the scholarship.

The award means that Sophie will have access to essential support services, such as physiotherapy, sports psychology and nutrition, which should make balancing sport and study a little easier for her.

Everyone at Notre Dame is very proud of her achievements and wish her the best of luck with both her sporting and academic endeavours. Well done Sophie!

Sophie Richardson