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Superb Performance by Notre Dame Students in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Fifteen A Level Chemistry students from Notre Dame were able to celebrate receiving an award in the 2016 University of Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. The competition, launched in 2011, aims to stretch and challenge first year A Level Chemistry students interested in pursuing science courses at university. Set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists, it is designed to be accessible to Year 12 students but will take them significantly beyond the syllabus. All participating students take part in a monthly online quiz and sit an exam paper in June.

2016 was a record-breaking year for our students, who performed brilliantly. Eleven students achieved the ‘copper’ award, two students were awarded ‘silver’ and, for the first time ever, two students achieved the prestigious gold award. Such is the challenging nature of the exam that only 60% of candidates receive an award, and only 7% of entrants manage to achieve the gold standard.

The “copper” award winners were Nada Abdulaziz, Mohammed Albayyat, Rebecca Allinson, Ruth Fawthrop, Rachel Lam, Xuan Li, Sophie McKay, Shuhaan Miah, Lugano Mwakila, Maysha Norwin and Christopher Rooney.

The ‘silver’ award winning students were Hajji Samia and Katherine Ka Wan.

‘Gold’ awards were presented to Joe Marsden and Jake Still.

An awards ceremony was held on Wednesday for the successful students, with certificates presented by our principal, Terry Coen.

Pictured are all the award winners win Terry Coen and Chemistry teacher Mary Legg.