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Students Map Out their Geography Coursework on Britain’s East Coast.

35 A level Geography students spent 23 and 27 April completing essential fieldwork on the east coast of Yorkshire.

Studying sites on the North Sea coastline, students visited Bridlington, Hornsea and Mappleton, which are all in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The topic of analysis was coastal erosion and management, addressing the physical and human impact on geography. Students learnt key geographical skills such as beach profiling, field sketching, risk assessment and sediment analysis. The excursion provided a starting point for each student’s coursework, in which they are required to devise an enquiry question, plan a visit, decide on methodology, and collect the data. This coursework, known as an independent investigation, is worth 20% of a student’s final A Level mark.

Thank you to our Geography Department for organising this trip and good luck to students embarking on their investigations.