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Students head to Spain for Easter

Thirty students headed to Toledo, an hour south of Madrid, during the Easter holidays to take part in a study trip designed to improve reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish.

The students enjoyed Spanish lessons in “Aula Toledo”, a very successful school, where they were able to develop their understanding of Spanish culture, as well as the language. They also took part in a student exchange activity in another local school, where the Notre Dame students were finally able to meet their ‘e-pals’, with whom they had been in contact for several months. Some became very good friends and have arranged to meet up again in the summer. The Notre Dame students were hosted by families who don’t speak English, in order to provide even more opportunities for them to speak in Spanish.

Evening activities included visiting a Flamenco show, a tapas tour, a treasure hunt and a sangria making workshop. There was even time for a couple of day trips; students visited Consuegra, where they enjoyed a guided tour of the medieval castle, as well as Aranjuez, where everyone appreciated a river cruise.

Students Antonia Elsey said, “I loved all the activities but I think Salsa was the best as it broke the ice between a lot of people. From that moment on, we were a group who had lots of fun.”

Spanish Trip