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Students’ film screened at Leeds International Film Festival

The hard work of four A2 Notre Dame students has been rewarded with their film being screened at the 28th Leeds International Film Festival. The screening took place on Tuesday 18th November at The Hyde Park Cinema and offered the students the opportunity to network with casting directors and producers.

The film, a full length feature entitled “Into Dust”, was made by a group of 20 students from schools and colleges around Leeds. They were brought together by Gage Oxley, a student at Garforth Academy, who selected his cast and crew from a group of friends and acquaintances who all have an avid interest in acting and film-making.

The four Notre Dame students involved in the project are Holly Ainsworth, Emily Cairns, Sian Carry, and Siobhan Flaherty, all former students of Corpus Christi Catholic College. Emily, Sian and Siobhan all acted in the film whilst Holly, as well as playing a role, also helped to co-write the script. She explained, “It took about a year to make the whole thing. We made it because we all want to do something in film for our future careers.”

Pictured are the four Notre Dame students at the screening.