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Students Experience Trip of a Lifetime!

21 students experienced a life-changing residential during enhancement week, when they travelled to China to absorb everything this fascinating country has to offer.

The Notre Dame visitors managed to cram four separate cities into their itinerary. To begin with, they spent four days in Beijing, where they saw Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace, attended a Kung Fu show and spent some time on the Great Wall. They also upheld the ethos of Notre Dame and made a sizeable donation of drinking water to a children’s orphanage.

From there, they moved on to Shanghai, where they visited the Pearl Tower, and then on to Xian and the famous Terracotta Warriors. Finally, they arrived in Cheng Du, home of a Panda Sanctuary where students were able to learn about the preservation of this endearing species.

The whole trip was enhanced by a personal guide who was able to provide more of an insight into the culture of China and the places visited.

Careers teacher Anna Geldart, who accompanied the trip, said, “It was an amazing trip and I can’t believe how much we crammed into one week. The students saw and learned so much about the language and culture of the country.”

Pictured are the students donating drinking water to Sun Village Children’s Centre.

China trip