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Shakespeare Celebrations!

William Shakespeare died exactly 400 years ago on the 23rd April. The English department at Notre Dame commemorated this occasion today by organising a Shakespeare themed day for all students and staff to enjoy.

English staff arrived to work dressed in period costume – we even had our very own ‘bard’ thanks to Mr Anderson who donned an outfit that Shakespeare himself might have worn. “Cakes and (ginger) Ale” were served at “The English Tavern” and sheets of Shakespearean insults were provided for students to have fun with.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the day was the Romeo and Juliet ‘flash mob’ which took place at break and lunchtime. Four brave A2 English Literature students surprised onlookers by performing Act 1, Scene 1 in the common room and outside in the sunshine, complete with plastic swords.

Thank you to all staff and students who helped to organise the day.

The English Department in period costume

The English Department in period costume