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Politics Department Hosts Question Time!

Notre Dame became a hotbed of political activity on the 25th April, as the drama studio became a TV studio and hosted “Question Time” as part of the college’s activities in the run up to the General Election.

Five political parties were represented by local candidates; Hilary Benn arrived to represent the Labour Party, Michael Hayton was present for the Green Party, Liz Kitching spoke on behalf of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Alan Lamb represented the Conservative party and Anne Murgatroyd came on behalf of UKIP. Politics teacher Kevin Warnes acted as chairperson.

The debate began with each representative being given the floor for three minutes to present their manifesto to the audience, made up of over 150 students and staff. After this, questions were put to the panel, covering topics ranging from the economy to immigration, with each panellist given two minutes to answer each question.

The event, organised by the Politics Department, was very well attended by students and staff.

Question Time compressed