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Placements, progress and positivity

Students have been participating in work experience placements all over Leeds and beyond during the final week of June and first week of July. Placements have been incredibly varied; from care homes to nurseries, vets to dentists, accountants to retailers, students have been given an introduction the world of work in all its many forms. It has been a real pleasure for all the members of staff making visits to students to see them so fully integrated into their work places- on a few occasions, it was hard to spot the student in and amongst the other colleagues, they looked so at home!

Employers have fed back to us with glowingly positive feedback, citing hard work, intelligence, the ability to work independently and genuine enthusiasm amongst our students’ many outstanding qualities. Confidence has grown, communication skills have developed and horizons have expanded as students dedicated themselves whole-heartedly to their placements. We would like to thank students for their professional and mature manner, and for representing both themselves and the college so well to employers across our region. Congratulations!