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Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies go to Ripon.

On a dark and windy night in November, 23 Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies students travelled to Ripon Cathedral to hear noted philosopher and writer Dr. Peter Vardy give a lecture entitled ‘Capitalism; the Root of all Evil?’

As part of the trip the U6 students enjoyed a meal at a local pizzeria before enjoying a thoughtful lecture on the ethical issues surrounding the financial crash and subsequent recession. Dr. Vardy’s central argument was that people needed to act as though everything they did was being observed and that altruism should be at the heart of any action, as people would be more responsible and have a greater sense of integrity. He also argued that young people needed role models that demonstrated these ideals. During the lively question and answer session at the end, in response to the question; what message would he give to students from Notre Dame College his answer was impassioned and clear – do as Aristotle suggested ‘Be who you were meant to be’ – it was not the career you had that counted as much as how you lived your life. Be the best you can be, but make sure you do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as every small action, however insignificant, helped to build a society where people lived lives of integrity.

At the end of the evening Dr. Vardy hurried up to the students from Notre Dame obviously impressed that they had travelled so far, to thank them for attending.

It was a warmer return to Leeds for students and staff alike after such a successful evening.