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Parting Gift from His Holiness Pope Francis to our Retiring Principal.

During his last day at Notre Dame, retiring Principal Mr Coen received an extra special surprise. At the end of the Mass held in the college chapel, Fr. Sean Crawley, a former Notre Dame student taught by Mr Coen, presented him with a gift. The gift was a beautifully decorated Papal Blessing.

This was arranged by the Bishop of Leeds Secretary Fr. Matthew Habron, who took considerable care to ensure all the details were accurate, and to arrange a safe but stealthy delivery to the college. As a thank you for the blessing, the college community gladly made a donation to support the charitable works of the Holy Father.

Present at Mr Coen’s celebratory Mass were: Angela Cox OBE, Diocesan Director for Education; Notre Dame’s former principals, Mr Terry Metcalfe and Dr Tony Adlard; a number of the College Governors, including Margaret Ramsden, who later gave the first address; and members of college staff past and present. The college staff choir sang superbly during the service, setting the tone for the joyful festivities.

Thank you to all the staff who arranged the event, and to the visitors who helped celebrate this occasion.