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Oscars Night at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College.

U6 student Sophie Parsons reports:
Wednesday 18th September saw the annual Oscars night held by the media studies department to celebrate and reward some of the best work produced in the department from both AS and A2. You could tell it was a celebration due to the lively atmosphere of the audience and the sparkling decorations. As the audience entered through the glitzy doorway, music from Frank Sinatra playing which was a nice touch. It gave the event a very classy feel as if you really were at the Oscars. A table filled with golden awards drew attention from everyone as the crowd could be heard whispering about who would win what award. Photographers were on the scene from the start, taking pictures of the event and members of the audience on the red carpet.

As the show began the three hosts for the evening; Lauren Taverner, Rae Evans and Emily Gledhill, took their places on the stage and welcomed the audience. Famous director Kenneth Barker was waiting eagerly to congratulate each winner and have their photograph taken with them. Kenneth, having watched all of the AS and A2 work himself, explained to the audience that it was a “great privilege” to have seen our work here at Notre Dame. Also at the event was former student and award winning film maker, Vikki Psarias who told the nominees to “Remember me when you’re rich!

The talent really shone when watching the productions. From music videos to short films it was clear that many of the students have a bright career ahead. One in particular that won both best camera work and Director’s choice was a music video for “Oh My Gosh” made by Jefferson Barara and Tapelo Thulani. Vikki said it won the award because of its wonderful editing and that it could “easily go on TV tomorrow”.

Kenneth Barker gave his ‘directors choice’ award to A2 students Anne Olaleye and Marisa Balance who made a short documentary on fair-trade. He said that they had “great potential” for the future and explained to the audience how difficult it is to produce something like that.

The final award was given to two students who the teachers thought “stood out” for their two years in media studies but because it was such a tough decision, they awarded two students; Lydia Assan who won the award for her amazing contributions to the subject and her pro-active attitude, and Beckie Daniel who won the award for being so enthusiastic about the subject and generally being a fantastic student of media studies.

The event as a whole ran smoothly and it was a fantastic night enjoyed by all. Both Kenneth and Vikki expressed how impressed they were at the standard of work produced by the students and Vikki even said that she, being a teacher as some parts of her job, had not seen that standard of work from 3rd year students at University which is a massive compliment for all of the media students. The audience seemed to have a fantastic night and even got their picture taken on the red carpet.

Congratulations all-round for the teachers and students of the Notre Dame Media Department.