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Notre Dame Teacher has Debut Novel Published

Margaret Mulligan, a History teacher at Notre Dame, has recently had her first book published by Bloomsbury. Entitled “Katy Parker And The House That Cried”, it is an adventure story for nine to twelve year olds, set in the 1940s and the modern day. It is available from bookshops throughout the country. Described as ‘fast-paced, gripping and intense’ the novel centres around a trio of characters who travel back in time to prevent a tragic accident.

Despite working hard to educate Notre Dame’s History students, she has found some spare time over the past three years to come up with the characters and create the book. With publishers receiving thousands of manuscripts per year from budding authors, Margaret’s achievement is no mean feat.

“I think being a teacher has given me an insight into what children find fascinating about history,” Margaret said. “After writing the book in five weeks, I spent the next three years editing and redrafting – a real labour of love- and testing it out on children in local primary schools. I knew I had it right when one pupil said he couldn’t put the book down at night because he wanted to find out what happened next.”

To mark the launch, Mrs Mulligan celebrated with a vintage tea party at Horsforth Park Cricket Club, complete with wartime costumes and decorations, live vintage music and food from the era. She is pictured at the event.

Margaret Mulligan