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Notre Dame Students take to the Polls!

The main hall became a polling station on election day, 7th May 2015, as Notre Dame held its very own mock election. Four candidates were in the running: Joseph Doyle stood for UKIP, Maryline Ebu represented the Conservative Party, Annie Maloney was the Labour Party candidate and George Walker stood for the Green Party.

447 students voted over lunch time and at 4pm the results were in! In first place, with 46.1% of the vote was the Labour candidate, followed by the Greens in second place, with 31.1% of the vote. In third place was the UKIP candidate with 13.2% and in fourth place, the Conservatives, who received 9.6% of the vote. The results proved to be an interesting contrast to the national results.

The election was administered by the politics department in college. Politics teacher Kevin Warnes said, “Our thanks to all the students who took part and to the candidates for taking a leading role and organising such fine campaigns. You are all a credit to the College, and to British democracy! You are all an inspiration.”

Pictured is George Walker, the Green Party candidate, casting his vote.