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Notre Dame Students gain more Legal Apprenticeships.

For the third year in a row Notre Dame Students have been successful in gaining legal apprenticeships at Plexus Law. This year 4 students have been offered places bringing the total to 14 over three years.

The scheme reflects the changing face of the legal profession with more routes available to train as a lawyer than in the past.

As the new students prepare to take up their places in late August the first crop of Apprentices were showing off their certificates early this year.

Student Sophie Fotherby said “I have found the apprenticeship to be the best route for me to take to gain work experience in the office whilst learning. I found that working together that you can use the knowledge you have learnt and understand how this is applied within the work place”.

Fellow apprentice Ailish Kearns said “I’ve found the apprenticeship a great experience. Going from college to a full time job was challenging, however, once I adjusted I found the work interesting and I felt that I got a feel for the business. Throughout my apprenticeship I have noticed what my strengths and weaknesses are which has helped me to adapt in the way different departments work.This has been a good experience, despite the risk that I took at the beginning with not knowing how things would pan out, however this may be one of the best risks I have ever taken.