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Notre Dame Students Attend Religious Studies Conference


29 Notre Dame students visited The Grammar School at Leeds last week, in order to enhance their first year Religious Studies curriculum. They were taking part in a conference, attended by a number of different schools and colleges, focussing on Augustine, his life and ideas, as well as different approaches to ethics.

The conference, organised by the Grammar School, was led by renowned philosopher Dr Peter Vardy, a retired Vice Principal of Hethrop College, part of the University of London. Dr Vardy is also a lecturer for Candle Conferences and engaged all the students present by illustrating his points using extracts from Harry Potter and interviews with various scholars.

“The best thing was listening to Dr Vardy speak about the ethics we had learnt in class. The questions he asked us to discuss really made me think,” said one of our students. Head of RS, Catherine Herring, said, “Our students found the experience very positive. They came away with a realisation that they were able to take part in an academic conference with ease.”

Thank you to Catherine Herring, the RS department and the Grammar School at Leeds for organising the visit.