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Notre Dame Results Day Success!

Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College are proud to announce our students have once again achieved exceptional results. We are celebrating exceeding the national pass rate benchmark for A level; 100% achievement at BTEC and a phenomenal 2 out of 3 students achieving a high grade at A Level.

Some students gained exceptional results, including 3 students achieving four A*s, 7 students gaining four A*s and As,  14 students achieving three A*s, 28 students achieving three A*s and As and 18 students achieving three As, totalling at 70 students achieving three or four A’s or above in the A Levels.

Eliza Kate Duckworth A*A*A*A – University of East Anglia, English Literature
Hoi Hei Tam A*A*A*A – University of Cambridge, Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences
Rosie Barnes A*A*A*A*  – University of Manchester, Physics
Molly Brereton A*A*AA – Newcastle University, Biochemistry
Cheuk Ying Crystal Ling A*A*AA – UCL, Psychology
Eve Maria Rooney A*A*AA – University of Oxford, Spanish and Linguistics
Acacia To A*A*AA – Durham University, PPE
Bradley Watson A*AAA – Durham University, Mathematics
Alexander Williams A*AAA – University of Manchester, Mathematics
Kyra Clarke A*A*A – University of Manchester, Economics and Politics
Joely Hopwood A*A*A – University of Oxford, Law
Aaron Horsley A*A*A – University of Hull, Law with Politics
Euan McFadden A*A*A – UCL, Economics
Sam Moffitt A*A*A – University of Nottingham, Criminology and Sociology
Lara Thornton-Berry A*A*A- University of Bristol, Physics
Hannah Watson-Hill A*A*A – Imperial College London, Civil Engineering
Nathan Allinson A*A*A* – University of Edinburgh, Medicine
Frances Aylward A*A*A* – Imperial College London (Biochemistry)
Nadia Begum A*A*A* – University of Leeds, Actuarial Maths
Mary Coldicott A*A*A* – University of Birmingham, Computer Science with Digital Technology Partnership
Amy Kitchingman A*A*A* – University of Cambridge, English
Mae Rose Milburn A*A*A* – University of East Anglia, English Lit with Creative Writing
Cameron Stanislawski-Doyle A*A*A* – Imperial College London, Aeronautical Engineering


Raja Armughan Ahmed A*AA
Taha Almasri A*AA
Michael Baker A*AA
Emily Beal A*AA
Charlotte Bilton A*AA
John Isaac Copeland A*AA
Alim Demirbag A*AA
Sayed Hashim Fadhul A*AA
Tia Fenton A*AA
Nina Friis A*AA
Marc Connor Greenway A*AA
Matthew Hardcastle A*AA
Grace Hogan A*AA
Alice Horlock A*AA
Francesca Hunt A*AA
Amy Kingdon A*AA
Harrison William Kane Kirk A*AA
Kit Freddie Lawless Coombes A*AA
Giorgio Paci A*AA
Joshua Payapulli A*AA
Alan Potts A*AA
Kaitlin Priestley A*AA
Oliver James Robert Raistrick A*AA
Benjamin Robinson A*AA
Pouria Tayebi A*AA
Elena Lucy Trowsdale A*AA
Emma Whittles A*AA
Sin Yu Wong A*AA
Callum Bascombe-Milton AAA
Rachel Stella Elizabeth Cantlow AAA
Siobhan Corbridge AAA
Oliver Dodsworth AAA
Amy Victoria Harte AAA
Sophie Hawley AAA
Joseph Higgins AAA
Poppy-Jo Howard AAA
Lucas Ingleson AAA
Asif Latif AAA
Freya Parnham AAA
Dapika Rall AAA
Suresh Kumar Rattu AAA
Brianna Reynolds AAA
Ellie Stainforth-Mallison AAA
Georgia Thompson AAA
Jessica Rose Tibbs AAA
Wenwen Yang AAA

(Amy Kitchingman)

(Bradley Watson)

The success keeps on coming! Each year a number of the College’s students go on to secure places at the most highly sought after and competitive universities in the country, including Oxford and Cambridge. Seven students have successfully gained places at Oxbridge universities and more than 12 students will study medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. This can be put down, in part, to the College’s Enhancing Excellence programme. Notre Dame students are at the front of the queue when it comes to receiving the best advice, guidance, support and preparation when applying to Oxbridge and also to other Russell Group universities. Amy Kitchingman gained her place studying English at the University of Cambridge after achieving four A* in A level English Language, English Literature, History and EPQ. Bradley Watson is also celebrating gaining a place at University of Durham to study Mathematics after achieving four grade A’s and a B.

(Jessica Tibbs – left and Joely Hopwood – right)

(Diane Nettey)

The College is incredibly proud of all our students, especially those who have achieved fantastic results in the face of adversity. Jessica Tibbs, who restarted her studies due to a close family bereavement and lives independently, gained a place at the University of Leeds studying Law after achieving three grade A’s. Diane Nettey, despite being diagnosed with aplastic anaemia causing her to even take exams at home, is celebrating gaining a place at the University of Southampton to study medicine with a foundation year after achieving three Bs and an A.

(Rosie Barnes)

Notre Dame Principal, Justine Barlow said: “I am absolutely delighted by the results students achieved this year. This is clearly a result of hard work, determination and high aspirations from not only our students, but from parents and our dedicated staff who always go above and beyond to support our students. Congratulations to all and we wish you all the best in your bright futures”.