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Notre Dame pays tribute to ex-student with Prize in her Name

Ex Notre Dame student Sara Djoudi tragically passed away at the age of just 20 last month, following a five-year battle against a brain tumour. In order to pay tribute to Sara, the Law department at Notre Dame have introduced an annual prize in her name that will recognise outstanding law scholars.

Sara, who received treatment at Leeds General Infirmary and in the USA, was a straight-A student – even taking one of her A-levels from hospital. She went on from Notre Dame to study law at Newcastle University before her declining health forced her to abandon her course at the end of her first year.

Explaining why Notre Dame had taken the decision to introduce the prize, head of law Nigel Briggs said: “It’s not easy to put into words the sense of loss we feel as a college community at Sara’s passing.

“She embodied the qualities that we value and want to encourage in others, so a prize in her name seemed an appropriate way of doing that.”

Sara Djoudi

Sara Djoudi