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Notre Dame Law students called to the Bar

For the third year running, Students from Notre Dame had the opportunity to become lawyers and barristers for the day when they participated in a mock trial run by Walker Morris, a prominent Law firm in Leeds, and Barristers Chambers, 11 South Square.
The mock trial was part of a week’s work experience programme designed to offer the students a realistic insight into careers in law. The 10 students spent 5 days at Walker Morris culminating in a mock trial. Students were given just over a day to study the evidence and prepare and the trial was kept as true to life as possible complete with wigs, gowns and witnesses. Students had to present their legal arguments to barrister Chris Hall from 11 South Square who was presiding over the case as the trial Judge.
Samantha Lucas, intellectual property associate at Walker Morris said:
“This the third year we have run the scheme and we are always impressed by how well and enthusiastically the students engage with the opportunity. The mock trial is always the highlight and whilst it’s designed to be enjoyable, we do challenge the students and provide them with a real insight into a career in law.”
Chris Hall from 11 South Square said:
“The students had to get to grips with some very tricky points of intellectual property law in a very short time, and also had to learn how to present a case in court. It was an extremely challenging task, and the students were under immense pressure. They rose to the challenge, presented their cases with clarity and enthusiasm, and carried out some skilful (and at times fierce!) cross-examination. They did a fantastic job, and the day was a tremendous success. I’m not sure whether the students or the judge enjoyed it more!”
Our Principal Mr Coen commented:
“Law is one of the most popular career choices for our students and events such as this are of tremendous benefit in giving students a realistic understanding of what a career in law involves. The strong links we have firms such as Walker Morris help us to ensure that our students not only gain top academic qualifications, but are also well prepared for the world of work.”
Those involved were; mentored students Abigail Alexander, Liam Ellis, Morsalle Rahman,i Winta Alem and Weronika Orlowska, and Law Academy students, Qamar Usman Hanna Gentry Lee Rushby George Walker and Darac Keane
“It was an amazing experience of which every aspiring lawyer should try to be a part of.” Said Qamar.