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Notre Dame Christmas Celebrations

Christmas party 2017

Notre Dame hosted its annual ‘Forever Young’ party in December, providing an opportunity for local pensioners to get together to enjoy this special time of year.

Organised by Andrew Sullivan, Notre Dame’s Lay Chaplain, the party provided an afternoon of entertainment and merriment for the visitors. This year’s celebration welcomed 25 local pensioners to enjoy the festivities, one of whom was 102 years old! Notre Dame also welcomed back Bill, who worked at the college as a security guard for many years.

The college community pulled together to deliver some superb entertainment; several students demonstrated their musical talent by playing instruments and singing, and the staff choir sang a wonderful selection of Christmas Carols. A notable highlight was Walter Ngwa, who entertained the party-goers with his Michael Jackson impersonation. Food and drinks were provided and several staff members helped the visitors to move around the site. The afternoon was completed by a visit from Father Christmas himself.

The party was a huge success and Andrew has already begun to plan next year’s celebration! He would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended, organised and performed, with special thanks going to Kerry for cleaning up once the party was over.