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Lord Mayor of Leeds Welcomes Notre Dame International Students to Civic Hall

Thirty-one of Notre Dame’s overseas students took part in a visit to Civic Hall on the 24th of March, to meet the Lord Mayor of Leeds and ask him questions about his role.

Councillor David Congreve, the Lord Mayor of Leeds, invited the students to visit and was accompanied on the day by Lady Mayoress Janet Harper. The visitors were given a tour of the council chambers and the opportunity to sit in the seats used by council members. They were then served refreshments and were very impressed by the crested china!

The students were then given the chance to chat with the Lord Mayor and asked him a number of questions, including whether he lived in the Civic Hall, what kinds of powers he held and how he felt that Leeds will change economically in the future. The Lady Mayoress talked to some of the girls about history and the importance of trade unions, especially for women.

The international students at Notre Dame come from several different countries, and represented on the day of the visit were Belgium, China, Congo, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam. “It was the experience of a lifetime,” said Leung Hoi Tung Daisy, one of the students on the visit.

Lord Mayor visit