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Law Prizes Awarded to Notre Dame Students

Geoff Fowler, an admissions tutor from the Law department at Huddersfield University, arrived at Notre Dame last week in order to award prizes to five of our students.
The students were nominated by their law teachers for outstanding commitment to the study of law. They were awarded a certificate and a book in recognition of their achievements.
Notre Dame and Huddersfield University have an official partnership, and the law departments from each institution have collaborated several times over the past year. We were very happy to welcome one of their admission tutors to Notre Dame to award the prizes.
Law teacher Jill Chamberlain said, “We are extremely proud of our students and delighted that they have received these awards. They are all very hard-working and committed students who will be an asset to whichever university they choose.”
Well done to our excellent students!

Law prizes

Pictured l-r: Hamza Saddique, Dennis Amofah, Geoff Fowler (Law Admission Tutor from Huddersfield University), Sylwia Zajac, Rahul Sharma and Hayley Gaulton.