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In The Pink

In October, once again students at Notre Dame demonstrated their concern for others by holding a ‘Great British Bake off’ to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness.
All the members of the senate put their baking skills to the test, producing a selection of mouth-watering cakes and buns which went on sale at break and lunchtime. This, along with the sale of the traditional pink ribbons, raised over £216 to be donated to Breast Cancer research.
Every year, 44 thousand people, predominantly women, are diagnosed with breast cancer but the good news is, that thanks to research and new treatments developed over the last ten years, survival rates are now over 80%.
The students who organised the event are: Flavio Sanha, Oluwatosin Bablola, Ben McMurdo, Aneka Razak, Will Willcock, Sophie Whitehead, Olivia Osbourne, Ola Akinlade, Prince Chaponda, Veeneesta Bamma
The senate are already busy planning their next event for Children in Need. Watch this space!