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Happy Notre Dame Day!

Ever since Notre Dame was a school it has had a special day – a feast day to celebrate our patroness – Notre Dame, Mary the mother of Jesus. This occasion traditionally takes place on December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, when Our Lady’s status as the foremost human role model is recognised. Mary is in fact a noted person in many of the world religions, including Islam.
This year as the 8th was a Sunday, college decided to celebrate it on both Friday 6th and Monday 9th December. On Friday, the staff generously donated cakes, which were sold by our student Senate raising over £102 for Mary’s Meals and on Monday 9th students and staff are encouraged to wish each other ‘Happy Notre Dame Day’.
Mary’s Meals is a charity which provides breakfast for children in the developing world, allowing them to attend school, gain qualifications and so educate themselves out of poverty. This charity is similarly named after Mary and shares a core value with us – the importance of education
It’s over a hundred years ago that a school was established on St. Mark’s Avenue, to educate poor girls in Leeds and next year the college celebrates its silver anniversary as a Sixth Form College open to all. In the celebration of our special day Notre Dame has again demonstrated its key strength – a community built on faith and trust that educates, cares and looks outwards to others.

Student Senate Cake Sale