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Glowing Results for Notre Dame Science Students in British Biology Olympiad

24 science students took part in the 2018 British Biology Olympiad (BBO) competition with an astounding 80% pass rate! This is the second year that the Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College Science Department has offered students the opportunity to sit the BBO’s two, 45-minute multiple choice papers. The group performed fantastically, achieving one gold award, five silver, four bronze, five highly commended and five commended.

The BBO is open to students studying post-16 who are looking to build on a keen interest in biology. Top scoring students are invited to attend a London based awards ceremony! The BBO also acts as the first round of selection for students to represent the UK in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), in which students are challenged in both theory and practical tests. The applicants cover 60 countries across the globe and feature some of the best pre-university biology students.

Congratulations to all students who entered the British Biology Olympiad.