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Game of Thrones Residential to the Land of 1000 Isles!

The English department took sixteen students on a trip to the beautiful medieval walled city of Dubrovnik last week, to learn about the fascinating history of the place and to immerse themselves in the land of “Game of Thrones”.
Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, was chosen as the setting for Game of Thrones due to its astounding beauty. One of the highlights for the students on the trip (most of whom were self-confessed ‘Throners!) was a walking tour led by a very knowledgeable guide, who had worked as an extra on the series and was able to provide a fascinating insight into the actors and the filming locations.
The students also enjoyed learning more about the history of Dubrovnik and Croatia, when they took a cable car to the summit of Mount Srd, where Fort Imperial (a medieval fort) has been redeveloped as The Museum of Croatian War.
The students enjoyed it so much that the English Department staff are hoping to repeat the visit next year – any first year students starting in September 2015 will need to see the English department as soon as possible in order to secure one of the limited places!
One of the visiting students said, “Dubrovnik is a beautiful place with great views. I loved it and would definitely come back if I could. It was an excellent way to finish the college year – with your friends and in the sun.”
Pictured are the students at the summit of Mount Srd.

Dubrovnik retouched