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Fantastic Opportunity for Notre Dame Students to Meet John Bercow

It is not often that young people get a chance to meet the Speaker of the House of Commons, but on the 15th of January, 27 of our students managed to do just that.

Accompanied by Law teacher Jill Chamberlain and Politics teacher Kevin Warnes, the students travelled to Beckfoot School in Bingley, to take part in a Q and A session with the legendary John Bercow MP. They joined about 200 other sixth formers from across the county to take part in the experience.

The hour-long session yielded valuable insights into the role of the Speaker, and several Notre Dame students were able to ask questions. These ranged from how Mr Bercow decides to pick who to speak in the Commons chamber to how he is able to remain in the chair for so many hours at a time!

After the formal session finished, the students were able to have their photograph taken with Mr Bercow. The happiest of them all was Paris Wilkinson, who was celebrating her 18th birthday that day, just a few days short of Mr Bercow’s 50th.

Kevin Warnes said, “The meeting with Mr Bercow was great fun and a fascinating encounter. The students gained a huge academic boost as they begin to study the Parliament topic as part of their AS Level studies.”

Pictured are some of our students with John Bercow

Pictured are some of our students with John Bercow