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Fair Enough

Since returning from their Christmas break both L6 and U6 students have been planning the events of the annual Fairtrade Fortnight. This year’s events were just as exciting and well attended as last years and did a great job of raising awareness of Fairtrade issues and the rapidly expanding range of goods available.

Things kicked off with assemblies led by students and dedicated to Fairtrade and these were followed up by a tutorial quiz with a fabulous prize won in the end by U6A HP.

This was followed by the college Banana Hunt, where Students had to find the hidden letters around the college and unscramble them to make the phrase ‘stick with Foncho’. [Foncho is a Colombian banana farmer and the face of Fairtrade] All entries received a bar of Fairtrade chocolate.

The main event of the fortnight though, was the Fairtrade carnival. This was a magnificent affair held in the main hall.

Attractions included: Face painting, Tin alley and other games, a bake sale, a Fairtrade chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and marshmallows, a Fairtrade candy floss stall, a raffle for an amazing cake made by the catering department, [see photo] and free Fairtrade goodies such as stickers and teabags.

A big draw was a smoothie maker bike where students could select their own fresh fruit and blend it in to a smoothie through pedal power and College principal Mr Coen was particularly keen to have a go.

Representatives from Cadbury’s came in and students had the opportunity to give them reasons why Fairtrade was important, in exchange for a chocolate bar.

Even the canteen joined in selling Fairtrade toffee apples and popcorn, all homemade.

Miss Case and her team were very grateful to Liam Parkinson and his team at the Co-operative food store on New York Street, Leeds for providing the food for the carnival.

All the events were hugely successful and once again Notre Dame Students have proved that having a social conscience can also be fun.

Leeds is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a Fairtrade City and, as an added extra, on Friday 7th March students were invited to Leeds Civic Hall to share in the celebrations. Students joined other schools and colleges from Leeds to share ideas and listen to Aimeth Angulo, a banana farmer from Columbia talk about the importance of Fairtrade.

Congratulations to everyone on the Fairtrade team and to everyone who supported the events.