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Creative Writing Group: Poetry Competition

Congratulations to Georgia Patrick, the winner of the creative writing competition set last month.
Rebecca Goff leader of the creative writing group in college decided to give the competition a seasonal slant and set entrants the theme of Horror
The first prize was a very large bar of chocolate and a £5 book token, and second and third prize slightly smaller bars of chocolate.
Rebecca and the other judges read the entries and analysed them for both structure and content before deciding on the eventual winners.
Georgia’s winning submission is called:

All Hallows Eve

Hear the dark wind blow,
And rustle the trees,
Watch the shadows grow,
As they morph with ease.

Hear the children giggle,
As they stalk the streets
Watch them talk such drivel,
Whilst begging for sweets.

They don’t see there mistake,
Thinking safety in numbers,
Will cease my lying in wake.
such a fault, such a blunder!

But I have patience,
And it will prevail,
For my mission is ancient,
And I cannot fail.

Their parents will panic,
Oh, what glee!
The reaction will be manic,
All because of me!

What a night!
What a night!
On all hallows eve
What a night!
What a night!
With your children,
I will leave.

By Georgia Patrick.