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Subject Area: Humanities
Level: TWO-YEAR A Level
Exam Board: OCR
Syllabus No:

What do I need to study this course?

GCSE English at grade 4 or above.


What will I study?

Law is a subject which touches everyone’s life in some way. Whether buying a property, starting a business, or standing up for your employee or consumer rights, the law will help you to achieve your aims. Studying law is both fascinating and empowering. At A Level you will gain an understanding of how the law works in society as well as studying the academic aspects of individual topics such as Criminal law, Negligence, and Human Rights.

The Legal System: Statutory Interpretation, Legislation and Law Reform, and the Civil and Criminal Court System.

Criminal Law: Offences against Property, Homicide and Defences, and the Law of Torts (Negligence).

The Nature of Law: Law and Society, Justice and Law, and Morality.

Human Rights Law: this includes rights under the Human Rights Act 1998 and the ECHR, such as the Right to a Fair Trial, Privacy, and Freedom of Expression.



The department offers a long established Solicitor Mentoring Programme which all students can apply to. There is also a Law Academy scheme with 12 annual places for either A level or BTEC students. This programme consists of a mentoring scheme, masterclasses by legal professionals, visits to the legal workplace, and the possibility of a paid internship during the summer at the end of year one. Students are selected by application and panel interview.

For all students, we offer court visits and mock trials, and you can also benefit from a wide range of visiting speakers such as solicitors, barristers, and judges. We also provide employability skills sessions for all students who wish to attend.

What next?


The course provides access to a wide range of degree courses. Alternatively, students may successfully move into a career in business or a legal apprenticeship after completing their studies. Many of our former students are now graduates who practice law locally. Many also act as mentors to some of our current students.


Did you know?

 The average starting salary for a newly qualified solicitor in the UK is £27,000.


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