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Congratulations to our New Student President

Congratulations are in order for upper sixth student Catherine Warr, who has been elected Student President for this academic year. Five candidates were in the running for the position, which was elected by a student vote after each candidate’s campaign video was screened in assembly.

Catherine was formally offered the role by Principal Terry Coen and everyone at Notre Dame was delighted that she accepted the position. Mr Coen also offered Vice President positions to Sian Carry and Kerry White; Zakiya Whyles and Panashe Jasi were asked to be part of the Student Executive Body.

Pastoral Area Manager Sarah Dumont said, “A huge congratulations to all the candidates. We feel the college in in safe hands for this year and we look forward to the future events under their stewardship.”

Catherine Warr, Student President 2016-2017

Catherine Warr, Student President 2016-2017