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Close shave for U6 Student

Last Friday U6 student Harriet Dakin took the incredibly brave decision to have her entire head shaved in full view of the student body in order to raise money for the Sue Ryder Trust.
The lower common room at break was thronged with students and staff cheering her on and making donations. When she had recovered from the shock Harriet said
‘I decided to shave my head because I actually volunteer at the Sue Ryder charity shop in Headingley and I’ve seen first-hand how much work they do. So far I’ve managed to raise an amazing £540 of which £160 came from staff and students in college, and people are still donating. It was amazing and the support I got from college was incredible’.
The Sue Ryder Foundation (later changed to Sue Ryder) was established in 1953. The charity provides nursing care for the elderly and disabled and operates more than 80 homes worldwide. It has about 500 high street charity shops and more than 8,000 volunteers. There is a Sue Ryder charity shop as far as the Ascension Islands.
The Foundation’s work also includes providing accommodation in Lourdes for handicapped pilgrims and their Carers.
Congratulations Harriet for bravery above and beyond, and just for the record we think the new hair style is pretty cool!