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Classics News

Students from the classics department have been busy recently. Early in March, Dr Beaumont and Ms Yates took a group of Notre Dame GCSE Latin students to Bradford University for a ‘People in the Past’ workshop.

The University of Bradford has an international reputation for teaching and research in human skeletal remains and this Human Osteology workshop gave our students the opportunity to gain hands on experience examining lifelike synthetic skeletons and looking at actual archaeological finds.

Staff in the department showed students how to determine such things as whether the skeleton was male or female and how high the person was in life by examining the femur and tibia bones.
It may sound a little grizzly but the students thoroughly enjoyed their day and learnt a lot from the experience.

In addition to this the department continued the long standing tradition of success in the Greek Drama Category of the Leeds University Classics Reading Competition which took place in March. L6 student Rae-Anna Evans and U6 student Henry Wain, both gave dynamic and polished performances in the face of strong competition and Rae-Anna achieved an excellent second place with her rendition of Hecabe’s speech from Euripides’ Trojan Women. Both students also study Theatre which may account for some of the dramatic flair.