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Charity News

Notre Dame Students are noted not only for their generosity in raising money for charity, but also for getting involved in consciousness raising projects.
Already this term there have been a number of events and activities organised by our senate and by Andrew Sullivan.

On November 9th students and staff were encouraged to attend college dressed in pink to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.
A bun sale was organised for break, and raffle tickets were sold for a prize of a magnificent cake in the shape of a pair of breast [complete with fancy bra naturally]
The cake was won by Jackie Nugent in reprographics who pronounced it delicious!

The whole day was a great success and raised over £200 for the charity.

On Nov 16th, 16 students and 2 members of staff braved the elements and created their own cardboard city just outside the Cuvilly building, opting to spend the night in the open with only a sleeping bag between them and the elements.

This was not some act of insanity but an attempt to focus attention on the plight of the homeless among our society.
The event started at 8.00pm and finished at 6.00am when the buses re-commenced. On the night a representative from the homeless charity Shelter, addressed the students. Kate who has been homeless herself is very aware of the problems and was able to talk about the issues surrounding homelessness.

Students raised money through sponsorship for this event and all money will go to Shelter.

Well done to everyone involved in these events and now it’s on with the Christmas appeals launching this week.