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Celebrations for Black History Month

Notre Dame students celebrated Black History Month last week with a series of presentations in assembly, a visiting speaker and a fashion show.
Some of our (very brave!) students led the assemblies taking part during the week, and delivered a presentation about the history of Black History Month and some important role models worthy of commemoration. The audience were also treated to a performance of an Alicia Keys song and some performance poetry.
Sylvester Leader, the president of the Leeds St Kitts and Nevis Association and a former staff member at Notre Dame, also visited the college and inspired many of our students with his words regarding goals and achievement.
Later in the week, a multi-cultural fashion show was held, showcasing fashions from across a wealth of different cultures and celebrating the diversity of Notre Dame.
Pictured is Sylvester Leader and his wife, along with the students who organised and delivered the assemblies.

Black History Month