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Celebrating Media and Film Studies Achievements

On the 21st of September, the Notre Dame Film and Media department held its annual ‘Oscars Night’ to celebrate the achievements of media and film students’ production pieces. The night was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended, with two upper sixth students, Riley Henderson and Kaya Mitchell, acting as very entertaining hosts for the awards ceremony. They later both expressed how it was “great to witness everyone’s reactions to the awards.”

The evening was made even more spectacular as we were joined by special guests Kenneth Barker and Vicki Psarias, who are both very successful in different areas of the media and so were able to share their own experiences and advice for the future. Kenneth Barker shared his tips for a successful production piece and urged the students to “learn to find your own voice.”

The awards for the first year media production piece included Best Cinematography, Narrative, Genre, Editing, 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and Best Music Video. The latter was awarded to Gabby Balmond, Hannah Saxton and Lauren Moore for their production of ‘I Know Places’. Of the second year Media and Film production pieces, Jack Donohoe, Rachel Whitby and Daniel Williams won the Media Studies award for ‘Where Snow Won’t Fall’ and the Film Studies prize was awarded to Niamh Clarkson-Sheahan for ‘Perfection’. “It was exciting to watch the production pieces with the students and see their reactions,” said visiting speaker Vicky Psarias who also said that ‘Where Snow won’t Fall’ was her favourite piece of the evening.

Head of Media and Film, Liz Slee, said, “Every year I am more and more impressed by the amazing standard students set.”

Overall, the Oscars Night was undoubtedly enjoyable for all students, parents and teachers who attended. The night was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the fantastic successes of Notre Dame’s Media and Film students who have created such amazing productions.

Thank you to Gabby Balmond and Hannah Saxton for their write-up of the evening.