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Brave Josie Shaves Head for Charity!

Lower sixth student, Josie Lee, took the very brave step to shave her head a few weeks ago, in order to raise money for Sport Relief.

“I chose Sport Relief because I think the work it does with the elderly and with domestic abuse victims is brilliant,” said Josie. Asked how she felt beforehand she replied, “I was terrified!” A huge number of Notre Dame students attended the big shave, which was carried out in the common room. Josie felt very touched by the huge amount of support she received from the Notre Dame community.

Afterwards, the new ‘do’ took some getting used to! “At first it was very cold! I kept going to push it out of my eyes and then realising there was nothing to push!” she said. “Everyone loves how it feels though and everyone strokes it. Now, with the warmer weather, I’m just trying not to burn my head!”

Everyone at Notre Dame is very impressed by Josie’s courage and generosity and looks forward to seeing the total amount raised.

Before and after the big shave!

Before and after the big shave!