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Core Curriculum

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Notre Dame is not just about gaining qualifications and passing exams. We also believe in the importance of encouraging spiritual and moral growth, and developing important core skills and knowledge which add to the breadth of your education. This is done through the various elements of our core curriculum.


At Notre Dame we want to help you develop as a whole person, and that includes the spiritual. To that end, the Philosophy, Theology and Ethics (PTE) Programme gives you the opportunity to share, listen, understand and evaluate your own thoughts and beliefs as well as those of other people. You will be encouraged to question, challenge (respectfully!) and engage in healthy debate. PTE involves no exam or homework but lots of teamwork! For one hour a week, it gives you the chance to stop and reflect as well as discuss some of the big issues in our world today in a safe and unpressured environment. Every lesson includes a “still and silent moment” – a minute for you to reflect, pray or just sit. Topics of debate can include: What can we know about God; What does it mean to be a good person; What are our duties to those in need in our own society and further afield.

Through the PTE programme, students will be presented with further opportunities to explore and live out their faith. For those who wish to participate, there is an annual residential retreat to Ampleforth, as well as the opportunity to travel as part of the Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, where students care for and befriend sick and vulnerable pilgrims from our area.

Students will achieve the Stella Maris Leadership Award as part of their PTE programme.