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What Can I Study?

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Notre Dame offers an excellent selection of A levels

Notre Dame is a specialist A level provider and our aim is to deliver the very best A Level programme we can. All our students are aged 16-19 and are preparing for university by studying A Levels, the advanced level qualification which forms the traditional route to university.

All subject lessons are taught in classes alongside UK students, the only exception is English support lessons. Students choose to study between 3 to 4 subjects from a wide range of disciplines.

Subjects are chosen to reflect the student’s abilities and strengths and are combined in such a way to enhance and support their future study plan. The most popular choices for international students often focus around a core of Mathematics combined with either business or economics, or with the science subjects.

Each student is different and your subject choices will reflect that so we’ll always advise you personally. You will be valued for who you are and encouraged not only academically, but also in independent thinking to develop your confidence.

Individual interviews will make it easier for you to choose the right course from the outset and then during your time in college, we’ll work with you to research, plan and carry out the next step in your education.

A full list of subjects is available here

You can search the course list here

Download our UK prospectus here

Here you will find information on each subject and a breakdown of what you will study for each module, along with information about where the subject might take you in the future.